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Fundamentally, good business is all about good leadership.


Recruiting, developing and retaining key staff is imperative to the success of most organisations – the better the leadership, the greater the results. It is a continuous process to develop the leadership skills of the organisation and the individual, building the executive capability and capacity to meet new challenges.


Our team of experts specialise in the identification, attraction, development, and retention of executive talent and have a range of proven services and training programmes. We excel in the identification of outstanding talent beyond the horizon of normal recruitment services.


EH are non-executive directors for a number of organisations. In recent months, we have successfully placed outstanding full-time and interim leaders including MDs, FDs, HR directors, and sales and marketing directors.


  • Executive Development – Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Training


Mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs, empowering them to grow both themselves and their businesses, is at the heart of what we do. Mentorship serves as a catalyst in supporting entrepreneurship and leadership development.


Hence, at EH we can offer you unrivalled off-site days and coaching so that you are effectively able to interact in a manner that optimises communication and results, leaving your teams empowered to achieve.


  • Executive Recruitment Consultancy


Most business owners acknowledge that one of their biggest fears is making a mistake when recruiting key staff, even more so with leadership. So often we hear statements like “we thought that we had done everything we could to ensure we employed the right person”. Remember, many agencies have an unhealthy motivation for encouraging you to employ their candidates.


EH offer comprehensive expertise and support throughout the hiring process. After agreeing a detailed target profile with the client, EH conduct an extensive search and selection process, presenting high-calibre pre-screened candidates to the client after establishing that they meet all the stated requirements and would fit the culture of the organisation. We also assist clients during the interview stages, providing experience and insight into all parts of the process.


  • Interim Executives


There always be times when the unexpected happens – a key member of staff leaves, has an accident or is simply not right for the role. Increasingly, businesses are using interims to meet short-term opportunities, challenges, skills and resource gaps.


Bringing in external talent will allow you to quickly respond to people-centred needs, minimise lost opportunity, and tackle unaddressed issues. Furthermore, having access to seasoned professionals with hands-on expertise and a fresh pair of eyes will bring clarity and context to a situation. This, combined with the flexibility to start and stop the engagement without long-term high-fixed employment costs, is a very appealing short to medium-term option. It is also a great way to assess the exact needs from the role and ensure that the right permanent appointment is made.


  • Non-Executive Directors


Similarly, non-executive directors will add gravitas and breadth to an Executive Board and can quickly help balance out personalities and skill sets. A non-executive director is usually employed one to two days per month, or sometimes even as little as one day a quarter, and is engaged in Board meetings and strategic, commercial and organisational decisions. Choosing the right non-executive is critical; the cost compared to benefit is usually very good value as the hours they work are short, but the access one gets to a wealth of lifetime experience cannot be overstated.


  • Succession Planning and Organisational Design


As we have stated, people are at the heart of your business and good leadership is vital to retain and attract talent. Over time, however, as your markets change, your expectations rise, and the organisation needs to adapt and adjust. In order to address this, owners often find themselves in unfamiliar territory. They need new skills, deeper job focus and generally people with greater capacity. This can often be anticipated and prepared for. Having good succession planning will allow your people to step up to tackle new opportunities, whist giving you capacity as the leadership team changes.


Redesigning the leadership of your organisation has become a necessity in fast moving competitive times. Ensuring robust operation, competitiveness, quality, business growth and, of course, customer excellence. Many companies can miss opportunities to refresh their organisational structure and with it, all the benefits to accelerate and gain additional commercial yields from their teams.


The EH senior team can help with a deep experience in succession planning and organisational design and development, to allow your company to grow safely and securely. Our approach is straightforward, practical and gives measurable results.


Our services at glance:


  • EH Business Executive Review – an initial ‘no obligation, free consultation’ to discuss your objectives, what your options are, and what would be the best approach.
  • EH4 Executive Development and Recruitment – our experienced team offer:
    • Executive leadership off-site training and strategy planning days
    • Recruitment and retention consultancy to ensure you employ and retain the best people
    • 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring
    • Interim directors for key positions
    • Non-executive directors
  • Organisational design and succession planning




  • Optimised organisation.
  • Finding and retaining the best talent.
  • Impartial recruitment advice – we will be honest.
  • Motivated and engaged teams.
  • Access to industry specialists and coaching.
  • Growth of your people whilst effectively building your business.


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