Sell Your Business

A refreshing approach to maximise value and sell on your terms



If you are considering selling your business it’s imperative you seek good advice and partner with an advisor who really understands your personal objectives and your business.


The Entrepreneurs Hub offer a leading approach to preparing and selling a business. EH4™ is designed to ensure you and your business are well prepared for sale to maximise value, find the best buyers and sell first time.


We believe that success will be achieved by:


Being Prepared

  • Addressing the issues that a buyer will see as risk
  • Highlighting the value drivers
  • Producing high quality marketing documentation

Using A Driven Marketing Process

  • Researching the best buyers in the UK and overseas
  • Marketing your business without a price
  • Creating market by identifying a number of interested buyers

High Quality Negotiation

  • Experienced dealmakers to handle the negotiations on your behalf
  • Selling the synergies and the future potential
  • To maximise value and achieve the best terms for you

Our experienced team have consulted with thousands of business owners on selling their businesses. Let them demonstrate to you how the EH4™ could help you sell your business and significantly maximise the sale value and increase your chances of success.


This is how you can find out more:


  • We always start with a confidential call with an EH director – relationship building and openness is really important to us, this will enable us find out a little more about each other. Contact us Now!


  • FREE Business Review – an initial ‘no obligation consultation’ to discuss your objectives, what are your options? When would be the best time to sell and how much could your business be worth? An honest appraisal of your business and the opportunity to find out more about EH4.

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