Every year around this time, I revisit my goals and reflect on my business and personal life and what I would like to achieve in the next 12 months. While being successful in business is important to me, I also want to succeed and grow in other areas – as a husband, as a father, and with my community work – as well as having a healthy and active lifestyle.

Each year I review nine key areas of my life and set some personal goals, devising a plan based on what I want to achieve personally with my family, spiritual life, friends, health, finances, charity work, in our home and, of course, in my business. I then set a reminder on my phone each quarter to review and assess these goals based on whether they are ‘complete’, ‘working’ or fall into the ‘must work at’ category.

Someone once told me they never set goals so they could never fail. The truth is if we aim at nothing, we hit nothing.

You may counter with the argument that if you fail to achieve or complete goals it becomes demotivating. To be honest, every year I have goals that haven’t gone quite the way I hoped. That is simply part of life. I look at the glass half full, rather than half empty and know that I am on a journey and not everything will always go to plan.

Set your goals and develop a plan if you would like to achieve more in 2016.

Maybe you want to lose some weight, spend more time with your partner (I would highly recommend a regular date night each week), or support a community project. What about setting three goals in each area? For example, your three business goals could be:

  1. Develop your management team.
  2. Grow your business and your profits by 10%,
  3. Support a local charity,

You may not detail them as I do on a spreadsheet, however, I would encourage you to write down at least five key goals.

Most importantly devise a plan on how and when you want to achieve them. Set a reminder on your phone or in your diary to regularly review them.

You will hopefully complete them all; but say you only achieve four.  That’s an 80% success rate!  At least you will know where your focus needs to be next year.

I guarantee that if you act on your goals and stay focused, then this time next year you will very happy with the results!

Wishing you a prosperous 2016.