Five reasons you’re burning away value and how to put out the fire!

If you are thinking about selling your business your immediate questions might well be 'How much is my business worth?' and 'How do I increase the value of my business?'. But one of the things we encourage our clients to consider is what might be holding the valuation down, and how this can be addressed [...]

6 ‘what next’ options every business owner must consider

There comes a time in every business owner’s life when the answer to the question, what next, is not immediately obvious. For most of your business life you have made the decision, plunged in and taken the route you knew was right. But sooner or later age, or just other interests, start to cloud the [...]

Entrepreneurs Hub are Pleased to Announce Quantum Acquires Square Box Systems Ltd, Maker of CatDV, to Help Businesses Get More Value from Unstructured Data

Acquisition Adds Data Cataloguing, AI Analytics and Automation Software for Data Enrichment and Orchestration Quantum Corporation today announced it has acquired Square Box Systems Ltd, a specialist in data cataloguing, user collaboration, and digital asset management software. The acquisition builds on Quantum’s recently expanded portfolio that classifies, manages, and protects data across its lifecycle by [...]

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It’s a numbers game

The process of selling your business is full of numbers… Turnover, EBITDA, valuation range, offers, approaches, prospects and so on. Among all these, there is one number that is crucial to understand but is often misunderstood. Some call it a golden number, some refer to a magic number and others to lifetime cashflow – there [...]

Leap of faith – the fear of losing what you love

Do you remember watching the Indiana Jones films when they first came out? A bit of escapist nonsense to pass the time and loved by many to this day. In “The Last Crusade”, Indi is faced with a number of tests as he progresses in his quest for the Holy Grail and he comes to [...]

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How to handle an approach to buy your business

Being approached by another company or an investor who wants to buy your business can be a very exciting, flattering and/or scary thing. But it shouldn’t be something that overwhelms you, just follow these basic principles that will help you get the best out of any approach. 1.       Don’t Panic! The first and most important [...]

Entrepreneurs Hub advises on the sale of Alderstone, a leading ITSM and cloud migration consultancy, to BMC, a global leader in Autonomous Digital Enterprise solutions

Entrepreneurs Hub Ltd is delighted to have advised on the sale of Alderstone Consulting Limited after BMC Software Inc. recently announced its plan to acquire all the shares in the Alderstone business. Alderstone is a technology consultancy helping clients leverage strong ROI from IT Service Management tools and successful cloud migrations. The growing complexity and [...]

5 ways to balance confidentiality and publicity in a sale

In its most simple form, the basic principle of marketing is this – tell as many people about your product/service as possible. It’s not rocket science, but you can have the greatest product in the world and never sell a single unit if nobody knows about it. So it follows that when you are trying [...]

The secret of a graceful exit

The swan is often seen as the archetypal image of a graceful person or business – beautiful and serene, as far as anyone can see, but paddling furiously under the surface. But while this may be a good description of how your business manages the daily ups and downs of customers, suppliers and technology – [...]

Increasing the value of your business in a brave new world part 2

It’s the million-pound question, possibly quite literally… how can I increase the value of my business? There’s a lot of advice out there, but in this second of two blogs I want to take a look specifically at how you can increase value in a post-lockdown world. Having already discussed recurring revenue and intellectual property [...]

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