Can’t see the woods for the trees – the value of good, independent advice

“You can’t see the woods for the trees,” is a saying as old as… well as old as sayings probably, but the first written record of it dates back to 1533 in a book by Thomas More – ‘The Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer’. We have a small group of trees at the back of our [...]

Increasing the value of your business in a brave new world part 1

It’s the million-pound question, possibly quite literally… how can I increase the value of my business? There’s a lot of advice out there, but in these next two blogs I want to take a look specifically at how you can increase value in a post-lockdown world. There are four things that I want to address: [...]

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Entrepreneurs Hub advises Derbyshire business providing Emergency Communications to International Acquirer

Entrepreneurs Hub are pleased to announce that Sdiptech AB (publ) has acquired all shares in Alerter Group Ltd, a technology company providing emergency communications systems for people with sensory and physical disabilities in the UK and Ireland.  If a fire occurs in a building, your chances of survival will improve dramatically if you are alerted [...]

Three important questions you must be able to answer before deciding to sell your business

For most business owners selling a business will be one of the biggest decisions and events in your life. But if you are thinking about taking that step and parting with what is probably your biggest asset, there are three very important questions you must be able to answer first. 1.       Is your company saleable [...]

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Entrepreneurs Hub advises Kent based Multi-disciplined Asbestos Management Business

RSK Group has signed an agreement to acquire Kent-based asbestos services company PA Group UK Ltd. The company was founded in 2007 by Chris Miller-Hanna who will continue to head up the business going forward. PA Group UK is a multi-disciplined HSE licensed asbestos removal and UKAS accredited asbestos inspection and testing contractor, providing clients [...]

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Rishi Sunak’s Summer Statement: Good News For Some?

Recently the Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a raft of measures aimed at supporting jobs in the UK as the country transitions from lockdown into a challenging economic future. But what does it mean for the valuable SME sector? The Chancellor started by expressing the desire to ensure no one is left without hope and stating [...]

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Is it time to change the mood from survival to recovery?

The lockdown has had a lasting impact on all of us and business owners are no different. The impact it has had though is quite varied; there will be some who have thrived providing products and services that have been in high demand, and unfortunately there will be some who didn’t have strong enough balance [...]

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The Importance of Staying Physically & Emotionally Healthy during COVID-19

Staying healthy physically can help you stay healthy emotionally too. If you are eating the right food and keeping fit, your body will be strong enough to help you to cope with stress, and increase your ability to fight off illness. Here are 6 key tips to staying healthy both physically and emotionally: Routine Creating [...]

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Navigating you and your business through COVID 19 – Part 2

“Is this real?”, “am I on a film set?” - at the moment, these and many other thoughts may be running through your head. Unfortunately, it is for real, and protecting you, your family, your business and others during COVID-19 health crisis is paramount. We will get through this, it will take time and here [...]

Navigating you and your business through the COVID-19 Health Crisis – Part 1

If like most business owners your business has been impacted significantly over the last few weeks and you probably don’t want to hear this – but we still have a way to go. So here’s a few thoughts to navigate the impact of Corona Virus on you and your business Don’t blame yourself A month ago [...]

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