How to buy a business from a retiring Baby Boomer

From Millennials to Generation X, Y and even Z, there’s a veritable alphabet of entrepreneurs of all ages out there looking for advice on how to buy a business.  Career options have evolved far beyond landing a job within a company straight after education, working for someone else and staying on that route for decades. [...]

Get the lowdown on Entrepreneurs Relief – 10% tax

PLEASE NOTE: Entrepreneurs Relief changed on 11th March 2020. Please see updated information via our latest blog.  When you sell a business, you want to walk away with the satisfaction that you’ve achieved your professional goals, made an impact on your peers and customers, and left a legacy through the quality of the products or [...]

How to maintain confidentiality when you sell a business

Selling a business is a journey that begins in one of two ways. It can be buyer-initiated, where opportunity knocks and someone approaches you and asks if you want to sell a business. Alternatively, as a business owner one day you may feel it’s the right time to exit and choose to put your business [...]

A quick guide to attracting the right buyer when selling a business

Over the last 15 years, our team have worked with a diverse range of businesses across a broad range of sectors. Every director selling a business that we work with is as unique as the companies they own, but we do see a common thread in terms of their top two concerns. Whether the business [...]

“How much is my business worth?” Are these three factors affecting the value of your company?

One of the biggest strengths your business has always had is the ability to put yourself in a customer’s shoes and anticipate their needs. When you’re thinking about selling your business, this doesn’t change. If you’re wondering “How much is my business worth?”, imagine you don’t own it and consider what you would pay. The [...]

Negotiating the best deal for your business: 3 reasons why you should engage a corporate finance company

Painting the garden fence, putting up shelves, maintaining a classic car – there are plenty of occasions when it’s fine to DIY but negotiating the best deal when selling your business is not one of them. Although it may appear to be an easy task on the face of it, ask anyone who’s sold a [...]

5 signs it’s the right time to sell your company

In so many areas of life, success happens when you take the right action at the right time. That’s certainly no less true when it comes to selling a business. A question we’re asked more than any other by people wondering how to sell a company is, “When is the best time to sell my [...]

Want to know 5 things that will drive value in any business sale?

As corporate finance experts who help to sell businesses, one of the things we find most rewarding is being part of so many diverse stories. People will sell their business for a broad array of reasons. For some, it’s time to retire and take the pace of life down a gear. For others, they’ve decided [...]

Is your business worth more than you realise?

One of the first steps to selling your company is working out how much it’s worth. As corporate finance experts, a question we hear all the time is, “how do you value a business?” Our answer always starts with “a business is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it”. Rather than putting a [...]

Are you exit-ready? 5 expert tips for preparing to sell a business

So, you’re thinking about selling your company. Perhaps the time has come for you to retire, or maybe you’ve spent many years feeling money rich yet time poor and you need advice for selling a business so you can move towards a more balanced lifestyle. Like many things in life, selling a business for optimum [...]

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