Dr Mike Sweeting

Blending expertise in developing relationships across various professional realms – from law, to coaching, to wealth management – with experience at the sharp end of industrial, commercial, and construction businesses, Mike is able to distil and share a broad spectrum of real-world principles with company owners all over the world.

  • Managed five businesses himself in the past; later setting up M&A ‘boutiques’ in 15 different countries, making site visits to over 2,000 factories and warehouses, and dealing with buyers from at least 30 nations
  • Written chapters in the recently re-issued IoD book Growing Businesses and its sister publication Mergers & Acquisitions, published by Kogan Page
  • Garnered extensive experience of valuing companies into and out of VC funds, for shareholders and for the purpose of receiving or making bids on businesses
  • Spoken at hundreds of events run by organisations such as Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Accountex, University of Northumbria, University of East Anglia, Cranfield School of Management, Coutts Bank, and numerous law firms worldwide
  • Contributed to entrepreneur programmes run by Barclays Bank, Action Coach, and the Academy of Chief Executives
  • Sat on two EU committees seeking to improve succession planning for businesses, as well as the board of several charities