We are delighted to announce that Entrepreneurs Hub has recently completed a deal for the sale of the fire safety products and services provider Elite Fire Protection to Scutum Group, an electronic security company.

The perfect match

The acquisition of Elite Fire Protection is part of the continued investment in critical services by Scutum Group.

Entrepreneurs Hub Director and Co-founder Andrew Shepperd comments: “Entrepreneurs Hub was delighted to advise Elite and work with the owners on this transaction with Scutum. The two organisations are an excellent match, sharing common values in technical excellence and professionalism. The fire safety and protection industry is a fast growth market, driven by increasing legislative standards in new build and refurbishment markets and new technology.”

Elite Fire Protection Managing Director, Darrel Jones said: “Being part of Scutum Group is a great opportunity for the Elite Fire Protection team to further accelerate our growth with the support of a leading international brand.”

Scutum Group’s CEO Frank Namy states that: “Over the recent years, the Scutum Group has completed major acquisitions which has benefited its growth and enabled it to distinguish itself in the European market. We are pleased to have Elite Fire Protection joining us on our progression towards the Group’s strategic plan.”

Darrel Jones adds: “I would like to thank the Entrepreneurs Hub and have no doubt that partnering with them added significant value to the business and helped us achieve our goal – finding the perfect acquirer for our business. I’m so pleased we chose Entrepreneurs Hub to navigate and support us through the preparation and exit journey and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business owner who is looking to exit their business in the future.”

Entrepreneurs Hub Co-founder Malcolm Murray concludes: “There is nothing more rewarding for us than seeing our clients achieve the goal we all set out to achieve. I’m delighted for the shareholders and their families and wish them the very best as they move into an exciting new season as part of the Scutum Group.”

Andrew Shepperd adds: “Entrepreneurs Hub is seeing strong interest in this space and expects to see continued investment in technical services businesses and especially in areas such as fire safety and security, backed up by continuing strong overseas interest in UK businesses.”

About Elite Fire Protection

Established in 1999, Elite Fire Protection specialises in all aspects of fire safety offering complete fire safety products and services, from fire alarms and fire extinguishers to training and risk assessments. Elite are at the forefront of the fire safety industry, providing high quality services for a wide range of commercial clients.


About Scutum Group

Originating in France in 1989, Scutum Group is a privately-owned Electronic Security company with a strong presence in Western Europe, including the UK. Recent investment in UK companies has now placed them as one of the top four largest electronic security companies in the UK (based on the number of monitored sites).



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