Entrepreneurs Hub (EH) is delighted to announce Sabio’s acquisition of Rapport, a specialist UK provider of SaaS customer experience analysis solutions for contact centres. EH advised on the sell side and supported the rapid conclusion of the Rapport sale.

An extract from Sabio’s press release follows:

“At Sabio we’re focused on helping organisations to deliver a brilliant experience for their customers, so it’s increasingly important that we look beyond the contact centre to support all aspects of their customer journey,” commented Sabio’s CEO Andy Roberts. “Adding Rapport to our portfolio will help Sabio to unlock further value for our customers, while contributing directly to improvements in operational performance as well as lower Customer Effort scores. This announcement is also an important first step in Sabio’s acquisition strategy, as we look to strengthen our customer engagement proposition with innovative ‘adjacent’ technologies and solutions.”

“Rapport has proved successful in applying our software and analysis to help organisations highlight some of the hidden operational issues that can impact the customer experience. However, we’re excited to now be joining Sabio as we’ll be able to unlock further value by also offering access to the solutions and services that can help fix the issues initially identified through our software,” said Rapport’s Managing Partner, Graham MacIntyre. “It’s a great opportunity, and one that we believe will prove particularly attractive to those organisations looking for further ways to reduce customer effort.”

Graham MacIntyre also said: “I would like to thank the Entrepreneurs Hub who have helped immensely with the preparation of the business for sale, and for introducing potential buyers and negotiating the final deal with Sabio.”

Andrew Shepperd, a director of EH, commented “Rapport and Sabio are an excellent match. Rapport has some very compelling and unique customer experience and efficiency technology that was highly interesting to a number of parties. Sabio as a leading player in customer interaction and optimised value experience, moved quickly and secured the opportunity ahead of the competition.

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