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As a business owner you know that running a business is not easy. Research has proved that one of the toughest challenges facing most owners is sustaining and growing their business. Sales and business planning, lead generation, winning new business, and a process for recruiting and retaining good people are either non-existent or a major challenge for most businesses. However, these are absolutely key to the long-term success of your business and for your own peace of mind.

Our highly experienced client directors, all of whom have worked at very senior levels or have run their own business, will use a proven process to review your current situation and key areas of your business. We’ll highlight the opportunities and gaps, then design and coach you through a plan to achieve your goals; enabling you to build a sustainable, robust and valuable business.

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Structured business acceleration for entrepreneurs and SME manufacturers in the UK

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We offer, with no obligation, an initial confidential telephone call with an Entrepreneur’s Hub Senior Director to discuss your situation. During the call, together we’ll agree whether there is further value in us meeting to review your business further.

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The right way to prepare and sell your business. Vital steps to building value.

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Proof our approach works

“As the owner and founder of Gardasoft Vision Ltd, I have always run my business to deliver value and innovation. Over the last 17 Years we have sought to be the best we can. At some point many entrepreneurs, want to both scale their business further and realise some personal value by looking for an acquirer to take their own vision further. We decided our time for this stage was approaching, but we weren’t market ready. I chose to engage EH ( Entrepreneurs Hub) to get us market ready and advise us on exit. We completed our business sale recently! I want to thank the EH team and recommend them as approachable advisors who really care and deliver! Best wishes Peter Bhagat Founder Gardasoft Vision Limited.”

Peter Bhagat