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“Having decided to try to sell my business after 15 years, I literally had no idea how to go about it. A bit of research on the Internet and I was soon in touch with two companies that would not even take the time to see me. All they wanted to see was the last three years of accounts. For me this made the process feel cheap, when what I really wanted was to talk with someone about the business and the reasons for selling it. After another couple of calls, a few days later, I found myself walking into an office and sat with a coffee in front of Malcolm Murray. We talked for over an hour; Malcolm did not ask about the accounts or the finances of the business until much later on. He wanted to know about me, and what I wanted for the future. We talked more about my family and the potential time I would have, and he started me thinking about a more enjoyable future. He also explained the process of selling a business along with the emotional rollercoaster that the journey would entail. By the time we had finished, we felt very assured and knew that I had made the right decision to sell the business, and found the right people to help me do that. Thirteen months later we signed a contract finalising the sale of the business.”

Mel and Julie Atkins – Directors – The Finishing Touch

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