Michael O’Dwyer

Mike has a wealth of commercial and operational experience on the High Street, having worked with Grand Metropolitan PLC, Whitbread PLC, Laurel Pub Company and latterly with P&O Ferries on the main board. He really enjoyed corporate life both in the boardroom and at the sharp end, always happy to talk to customers and staff alike and was always seen in the business actually walking the talk.
He is someone who puts the interests of the organization above his own and someone who is absolutely dedicated and committed to achieving excellence in everything he puts his mind to. He is positive, energetic, organized and utterly reliable in doing what he says he is going to do. He understands how to get the best from people, builds high performing teams, commands respect and is absolutely fair and ethical in business and has that fine balance between hard and soft skills.

Today, Mike enjoys putting his experience, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to challenges in his client’s business, helping them to assess the situation and providing them with practical and realistic solutions that can be implemented with the minimum of fuss. He gains the greatest buzz from seeing people, teams, boards and companies fully achieve their goals. When he is not working he relaxes by climbing in the Alps, running marathons, extreme off road cycling, long distance endurance events and invests in fine wines which is a real passion

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