If you are an avid cricket fan then no doubt you will be aware of the fact that England recently won the Ashes Test cricket series. England reclaimed the Ashes against old rivals Australia with a 3-2 win.

You may be wondering what winning a cricket series has got to do with selling a business. It’s quite simple in that the processes involved in both are very similar. Winning a cricket series and selling a business both require careful planning and the setting of goals/objectives which need to be met so that the desired outcome can be achieved.

Furthermore, to succeed in cricket, or in any sport for that matter, requires an experienced coach/mentor. In fact, the England team’s appointment of a new coach (Trevor Bayliss) alongside Paul Farbrace – introduced a freer style of play that has empowered the players, making them flourish. This management structure has given the players a creative licence to go and play with freedom and enjoy themselves. Similarly, preparing for exit should also be an enjoyable process. To make it such, and therefore to increase your chances of successfully exiting with the maximum shareholder value and sale price, it is imperative that a highly experienced team/business coaches are appointed. They will work closely with you to understand your objectives and where your business is today, and where you would like it to be. They will then design a plan and coach you on how to develop the value drivers, address the barriers to sale and maximise the opportunities. Through all this, they will ensure you are empowered so that you decide on the option that best suits you. Thus, the whole exit process will be an enjoyable experience rather than a daunting one.

Remember – at least 70 per cent of business owners fail to sell their business at their first attempt. The ones that eventually do end up selling without adequate planning are often left disappointed, frustrated and significantly out of pocket.

You will have spent years building up your business. Why not spend some time ensuring that your business is ready kmspico windows 7 ultimate for exit, so that the biggest financial opportunity of your life yields the maximum return? The sooner you embark on the preparation journey, the greater the prospects you will have to build shareholder value and maximise your eventual sale price.