Novak Djokovic recently won the men’s Wimbledon final and is considered to be the leading men’s tennis player in the world. To reach such heights obviously does not come easy. It requires immense hard work, dedication, blood, sweat and tears – which is something that you as a business owner are most likely to be all too familiar with.

Despite all this hard work and commitment, Djokovic struggled for a number of years – with his nerves, physical endurance and serve technique. However, after investing time and money in appointing experienced, professional coaches, Djokovic’s game plan changed completely resulting in his journey to achieving success – winning numerous grand slams and holding the number 1 position in men’s tennis.

Like Djokovic, you too will have invested considerable time and resources, and as a business owner intent on achieving success, made a number of sacrifices. However, undoubtedly you will also have encountered numerous obstacles to achieving your goals. Therefore, as Djokovic has done, why don’t you seek the assistance of experienced mentors to empower you so that you develop and grow along with your business and achieve the heights of success you deserve?

I regularly meet with business owners who are frustrated because although they have a good business, they know it could do so much better. They realise that they are at a juncture where now is the time to seek the support of an experienced team who can take them to the next level to achieve their business and personal goals. If you are currently experiencing similar frustrations regarding your business, why not take a tip from the World’s number 1 tennis player and find a coach/team who understands what winning means for you. They will help you determine where your business is today and where you want it to be, and will then coach you along the journey.

Wishing you every success in achieving your goals.


About the author:

Malcolm Murray is a motivational speaker and trainer. He has delivered seminars/talks to over 50,000 people on topics such as ‘Selling a business to maximise value’, ‘Preparing a business for sale’, ‘Work–life balance’ and ‘Selling skills’.

Malcolm is the MD and Co-founder of the Entrepreneurs Hub, which offers business owners a unique business preparation approach for growth and exit to make their company more robust, more valuable and more attractive to a potential buyer when they decide to eventually sell.

Please contact him at [email protected]