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A quick guide to attracting the right buyer when selling a business

Over the last 15 years, our team have worked with a diverse range of businesses across a broad range of sectors. Every director selling a business that we work with is as unique as the companies they own, but we do see a common thread in terms of their top two concerns.

Whether the business is technology, IT services, construction, media, telecoms, manufacturing, engineering, electronics, distribution, professional services, food services, or hospitality, when selling a business every business owner wants to exit with the confidence that they have achieved the best market price and terms for their company.

Just as importantly, they want to ensure business goes to a good home. The ongoing reputation of their business and the future of the staff they’ve worked with for so long bears huge weight on who they feel is an appropriate acquirer.

So, when you’re selling a business, how can you attract the right buyer?


Building up a picture of the ideal type of buyer for your business is vital. Not only will this profiling activity refine the sales process, it will provide you with a focus for marketing your business. Imagine your ideal buyer – what are their values and goals? Needs and preferences? What about their decision-making criteria? Create a buyer persona using similar principles to creating a customer persona and use it as your guide.

Comprehensive research

Every successful business sale includes comprehensive buyer research at an early stage. But to create your shortlist, you need access to a wide range of potential acquirers to begin with.  A corporate finance company like Entrepreneurs Hub can access high quality databases featuring information on 200 million companies globally. We’ll help you narrow down your search and locate the strongest prospects. You should aim to have 50-100 buyers on your shortlist.

Quality marketing documentation

Once you’ve found a pool of potential buyers that fit your ideal profile, it’s time to develop quality marketing collateral to showcase everything your business has to offer – and gain the interest your business deserves from potential acquirers. Get expert help to develop the following:

  • an anonymous overview of your business that clearly advertises your USPs
  • a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect confidentiality
  • an information memorandum highlighting the opportunity in more detail
  • a compelling presentation that can be used when meeting potential acquirers
  • future business and synergy plans (if appropriate) to show buyers the scope for business growth over the coming years

What happens next?

Gaining the interest of suitable buyers is one thing but handling the negotiations and due diligence is another ball game. Seek out an experienced negotiator who can work on your behalf to get you the best price and deal. Our recent blog Negotiating the best deal for your business: 3 reasons why you should engage a corporate finance company will give you the lowdown on achieving maximum value in the sale of your business with the help only expert negotiators can provide. They’ll stand in the gap for you, handling the offers and the difficult questions with your multiple interested parties to place you in your strongest position when selling a business.

The beauty of carefully identifying and targeting multiple prospective buyers is that you have options. You can walk away if your feeling is that they’re not the right buyer for you because, after all, you want to leave your business in the hands of someone who cares about it as much as you do.

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