“The Entrepreneurs Hub (EH) helped me to prepare and sell my company. Selling a company is not easy, it’s emotional, and there’s work to do.
I am so pleased I engaged the EH team to navigate and support us through the process.”

Andy Fewtrell – Chairman – Up and Under Group

“A big thank you to you all at EH for your help in preparing us for sale and introducing and negotiating with Sabio…It was finally completed on Friday. The Preparation you assisted us with helped immensely and your relevant contacts were the other essential ingredient. The new chapter at Sabio starts tomorrow. Thanks all once again”

Graham MacIntyre

“As the owner and founder of Gardasoft Vision Ltd, I have always run my business to deliver value and innovation. Over the last 17 Years we have sought to be the best we can. At some point many entrepreneurs, want to both scale their business further and realise some personal value by looking for an acquirer to take their own vision further. We decided our time for this stage was approaching, but we weren’t market ready. I chose to engage EH ( Entrepreneurs Hub) to get us market ready and advise us on exit. We completed our business sale recently! I want to thank the EH team and recommend them as approachable advisors who really care and deliver! Best wishes Peter Bhagat Founder Gardasoft Vision Limited”

Peter Bhagat

“Until fairly recently, challenges posed by the recession and difficult internal and external operating conditions appear to have deflected some of the longer term, strategic thinking with the result that the Company had got into a bit of a rut, with time spent fire-fighting and responding to bottle necks rather than scanning the horizon for new opportunities. The work undertaken with the Entrepreneurs Hub has improved this situation dramatically. Market research; the ground work for all business set-up and development, and statistical analysis have clearly highlighted the opportunities that exist and given a new lease of life to everyone who works at XXXX and to the company itself. It is apparent that directors and managers are being enabled through contact and involvement with external workshops and mentors through a range of initiatives.”

‘Investors in People’ Assessor for a client

“Thank you for your call and for explaining the new regime……without which we would have remained a mess!”


“I just wanted to say thank you again for today. You’ve obviously put a lot of time and effort into research and producing the report and I think it’s invaluable to us. I really like the format and it’s great for us to benefit from your experience and expertise. We just need to apply it now…. EH will be coaching them through the implementation which is part of our offering.” It is a great report that we will be able to use in many different areas of the business and will really keep me focused. Before the meeting I was feeling a little demotivated, but now I am quite motivated with the plan and looking forward to the challenge. Thank you for all of yours and Mike’s help, it is really appreciated.”

Service Industry (Recruitment)

“Now that I am out from under the spell of the English countryside and the intense days we spent together, I can see clearly how incredibly hard you worked. You have helped me so much. I really appreciate it.”

Clothing Manufacture

“I have completed a review of our time spent with Entrepreneurs Hub team. We both agree that the experience has been an invaluable part of our process of improving all aspects of the business.”

Food Manufacture

“I am loving working with you, totally inspiring 🙂 and I am learning a lot from you which I hope will help XXXX. I’ve passed on your feedback to him and he is rolling with the ball at tremendous pace, it’s great to see him so positive and I’m trying to keep up with him! “

Construction (Service Industry)

“We needed to make a decision. We had two key offerings to our business, they were very unrelated and we needed to focus on our core business which is growing very fast. We decided to call you for advice. You said you would come and see us. We discussed the situation with you in detail. You gave us some good honest advice and a number of options. We found the meeting very, very helpful. We explored the options and felt the best option going forward was to sell the division to the existing management team and it worked out really well. I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thank you”

Colin Light

“I am writing to say thank you for the advice you gave us with our situation. We came to see you for a free consultation to explore selling our company. The meeting highlighted to us that selling was an option. However it was not really what 2 of the 3 shareholders wanted. You were open and frank and said of course, another option would be to buy our partner out. This is exactly what we did. We are very excited about the future and the business is going from strength to strength.”

Paul Alexander

“Having decided to try to sell my business after 15 years, I literally had no idea how to go about it. A bit of research on the Internet and I was 
soon in touch with two companies that would not even take the time to see me. All they wanted to see was the last three years of accounts. For me this made the process feel cheap, when what I really wanted was to talk with someone about the business and the reasons for selling it. After another couple of calls, a few days later, I found myself walking into an office and sat with a coffee in front of Malcolm Murray. We talked for over an hour; Malcolm did not ask about the accounts or the finances of the business until much later on. He wanted to know about me, and what I wanted for the future. We talked more about my family and the potential time I would have, and he started me thinking about a more enjoyable future. He also explained the process of selling a business along with the emotional rollercoaster that the journey would entail. By the time we had finished, we felt very assured and knew that I had made the right decision to sell the business, and found the right people to help me do that. Thirteen months later we signed a contract finalising the sale of the business.”

Mel and Julie Atkins

“I have worked with XXXXXX XXXXXXXX for the last 18 months on a discovery programme with Entrepreneurs Hub. I have found the programme invaluable to my business. It has given us direction, control and visibility that we did not have before. This was achieved by XXXXXXX direction, mentoring and coaching. XXXXXX now sits on our board as a non-exec director attending board meetings and advising us on the way forward. XXXXXX has helped us to negotiate out of some difficult contracts, providing invaluable commercial insight and advice. XXXXXX continues to question our focus and attention, allowing us to be constantly challenged and ensuring we are keeping on track with our aggressive business plan. XXXXXXXX experience in business and particularly in a basis point business has enabled us to understand our market and pricing better, giving us a better chance of growth and achieving our vision. I would not hesitate in recommending XXXXXX as a business trainer or coach to any business.”

Service Industry

“Wow! What an amazing two days we have just spent. Personally I can count on one hand (with a few fingers to spare!) the number of times I have left an away day feeling truly inspired and motivated as I have today. Not just myself, but XXXX and XXXX feel absolutely the same. We were blown away. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had hoped this would be an event that would be a reference point for XXXX, something we could refer back to in the future. It wasn’t this at all, it broke every expectation and it was a milestone, something quite special on every level. The future begins now, a great future.”

Design and manufacture (consumer products)

“We were talking afterwards and were all in agreement that yesterday was a great success and the plans you produced were exactly what we were looking for. We’ll get cracking on the follow up. I’ll get things rolling with XXXX.”

Training Company

“I sold one of my businesses to a large USA based insurance company, and used Malcolm to decide the best way to achieve a quick and efficient sale. His expert approach greatly assisted in achieving this aim and I would recommend him to others….”

Randolph Murray

“Thank you, it’s a great report which we will be able to use in many different areas of the business and will really keep me focused. Before the meeting I was a little demotivated… But now I am motivated with the plan and looking forward to the challenge. Thanks for all of your help, it’s really appreciated.”

Service Industry (Recruitment finance)

“Since working with EH we have changed the way we run our Company. We are now starting to work ‘on’ our business rather than ‘in’ it and it has been very refreshing. It has helped us enjoy running our business again. With the guidance of EH we now have a highly motivated team who want to move forward with us. Just putting little changes in place has made a massive difference to the running of our Company and the attitude of our staff. It is reassuring to work with such professional, experienced people who are also extremely approachable and have a way of putting you at ease. EH have helped us greatly in bringing new life into our business and it is an absolute pleasure working with them. So much so that we fully intend to continue working with them with other ventures once the current one is finalised.”

Service Industry (Electrical)