Business Challenges

Access over 100 years of combined experience



Every business has its fair share of challenges. Although you might be able to overcome them most of the time, there will undoubtedly be occasions where you recognise you need the support of a trusted adviser to help you work through a particular challenge and find a solution.

The EH senior team have all worked at director and senior levels within very successful organisations. There is rarely a business challenge that a client brings to us that we have not experienced ourselves. Therefore, whether your challenge is lack of direction, problematic people, a poor performing sales team, operational efficiency or contractual, do talk to us. If we can’t help, we will put you in contact with someone who can.


Business Challenges our services at glance:


  • ‘No obligation free consultation’ to discuss your challenge, what your options are, and what would be the best approach.
  • You can engage our expert team to coach and guide you through the challenge.




  • Access to an experienced team of advisors
  • Identification of the resources required to resolve the challenge
  • Identification of opportunities and the barriers to growth
  • Your business will be more robust and more valuable
  • Less stress for you and a much easier business to run
  • Ongoing support to guide you along the journey



Would you like to explore some more?

We offer, with no obligation, an initial confidential telephone call with a senior director to discuss your situation.  We can then agree during the call whether there is further value in us meeting to review your business.