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One of the greatest resources your business has is robust cash flow and reserves. Sometimes, in order to secure those, you’ll need investment. This can facilitate growth in new markets and allow you to develop the systems and automated processes that will make your company more profitable.

To achieve your objectives, you may want to bring in new investors or experienced senior management through buy-in (MBI). This is not just about funding; it’s about finding leaders who share a common ethos. Investors and managers will need to exemplify values that will work with you and your culture, as well as add value to your corporate journey.

Perhaps you’re a business owner who is thinking about to stepping back to make way for a new leadership team who can accelerate growth or take the company into new markets, or you want to share some equity as a reward, or move towards part-time working or retirement. These situations often lead to the need for a management buy-out (MBO).

Whether its growth funding, MBI or MBO, Entrepreneurs Hub can help support the construction and resourcing of your structured finance with our network of highly experienced partners…

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“As the owner and founder of Gardasoft Vision Ltd, I have always run my business to deliver value and innovation. Over the last 17 Years we have sought to be the best we can. At some point many entrepreneurs, want to both scale their business further and realise some personal value by looking for an acquirer to take their own vision further. We decided our time for this stage was approaching, but we weren’t market ready. I chose to engage EH ( Entrepreneurs Hub) to get us market ready and advise us on exit. We completed our business sale recently! I want to thank the EH team and recommend them as approachable advisors who really care and deliver! Best wishes Peter Bhagat Founder Gardasoft Vision Limited.”

Peter Bhagat