What We Do


What We Do


corporate finance company

Use our trusted network to invest in your business.

Two of the greatest resources your business can have are robust cash flow and reserves. Sometimes investment is needed to protect these and increase profitability, facilitate growth, gain entry to new markets, develop systems, or automate processes, for example.

Supporting you with funding options for growth, MBI or MBO

To achieve your objectives, you may need new investors or experienced senior management through buy-in (MBI). This is not just about funding. It’s about finding leaders who share a common ethos, who will exemplify values that match you and your culture, as well as adding value to your corporate journey.

Perhaps you are considering stepping back to make way for a new senior team to accelerate growth or take the company into new markets. Perhaps you want to share some equity as a reward or move towards part-time working/retirement. Such situations often lead to a management buy-out (MBO).

Whether its growth funding, MBI or MBO, Entrepreneurs Hub can help support the resourcing of your structured finance through our network of highly experienced partners.

Get access to a wider range of contacts

We connect you to investors, leaders and influencers who can make a pivotal difference to your end goal. Our specialised contacts span most industry sectors, including Technology, Media, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Distribution, Professional services, Hospitality, etc.

Before we put you in touch with people and organisations that can take your business further, we can evaluate what it is you really want to achieve, advising on who can help you get there – and how.  By understanding your unique business culture, we then make bespoke introductions that lead to fruitful collaborations.

We’d love to hear from you

Now you’ve learned a bit more about our services, please get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.