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What’s the future of Entrepreneurs’ Relief?

One of the strongest attributes of any successful business owner is being willing and able to prepare for and adapt to change – and change has certainly been the theme of 2019 as far as the political and economic landscape is concerned. At the time of writing this blog, U.K. business owners are still [...]

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How to prepare to sell your business when it’s dependent on you

What’s the fuel that keeps your business firing on all cylinders? State of the art products? Superior service? Stellar reputation? Leading brand? And YOU! When you’re thinking about how to prepare to sell your business, be aware that potential acquirers could lower their offer or head elsewhere if they learn that the lynchpin of its [...]

Entrepreneurs Hub advises on the sale of Acheta Consulting Limited to Kiwa Group

Type of business: Independent inspection, training and consultancy services for pest control Location: Somerset, UK Sale Value: Undisclosed  Situation Acheta Consulting Limited provides independent pest control consultancy to clients across the UK. Their services also include training, e-learning, inspections, data analysis and contour mapping. Entrepreneurs Hub was initially [...]

Don’t let unprotected intellectual property negatively impact the value of your company

There’s so much to think about when you’re selling a company and your intellectual property (IP) might not be first on your list of considerations – yet it could seriously impact the value of your business when you go to market. Our experience as both entrepreneurs and corporate finance experts means we can give you [...]

Entrepreneurs Hub advises on the sale of Elite Fire Protection to Scutum Group

Type of business: Fire safety products and services provider Location: London and Surrey, UK Business size: Approximately £10M turnover, circa 50 employees Sale value: Undisclosed Situation Established in 1999, Elite Fire Protection specialises in all aspects of fire safety; offering a complete range of products and services, from [...]

Don’t cook the books! Financial areas to address when selling a business

Many business owners don’t manage to sell their business first time – or for as much as they’d hoped – because they fall victim to a number of pitfalls. We want to see you succeed so we’ve been raising awareness of these potential issues through a series of blogs, including How to identify your S.P.O.F.s [...]

Entrepreneurs Hub advise on the sale of Acheta Consulting Limited to Kiwa

We are delighted to announce that Entrepreneurs Hub has recently completed a deal for Acheta Consulting, which has been sold for an undisclosed sum to Kiwa UK Group, part of the international Kiwa organisation. Acheta Consulting is an independent consultancy specialising in the field of public health, food storage and pest management. Managing Director, John [...]

How to get your contracts in order before you sell a business

Our popular eBook How to Avoid the Pitfalls When Selling a Business highlights the scrutiny your contractual agreements will be subject to when you’re approached by potential acquirers. So, in the second of our blog series on the obstacles that could prevent you from achieving maximum value when you sell a business, we’re taking a [...]

How to identify your S.P.O.F.s (single points of failure) if you’re selling a company

We’ve had lots of questions following our blog Top 5 pitfalls to avoid when selling a business. In it, we identified some of the vulnerabilities that could stop you selling a company successfully – and for optimum value. As corporate finance experts, we’ve met so many entrepreneurs who’ve said, “If only I’d thought about these [...]