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How to recruit and retain top talent

If you’re looking to sell your business, having the right talent working for you can ensure the proposition looks a lot more attractive to potential buyers. Top talent can not only boost profits with all they contribute, they can take on responsibility for the day to day running of your company and make a huge difference to productivity.

However, wanting great employees is a lot different to getting them. It’s not all about offering great salaries and brilliant perks.

Get Your Recruitment Procedure Right

There’s plenty of advice out there about recruiting the best people for a business. You can find millions of pages of it online and most of it is sage and sound advice you should take on board. Finding a good recruitment agency or consultant that works within your business sector is important and building a strong relationship with them is invaluable.  They’ll be able to put out the necessary feelers and identify top talent in your area to headhunt the perfect candidates.

If you’re putting out an ad, you need to make sure that it attracts suitable candidates so wording is important. You have to know exactly what you are looking for and what qualifications and personal traits are going to benefit your business. Then there’s the selection process and how you put together the interview procedures so that it’s fair and meaningful.

Create the Perfect Office Environment

There’s no doubt that whoever you choose wants to work in a place that is fun and a company that will appreciate their efforts. The thing about top talent is that these people can essentially have their choice of where they want to go. If your workplace is stifled or they start feeling as if they are under-appreciated and not enjoying life, they’re likely to start looking elsewhere. Your office environment is key to this and it might just be time to review your processes and make a few changes for the better.

Give Them a Chance to Grow

Top talent is energetic and career minded. They are not looking to stand still. What many businesses get wrong is that they take on someone with the skills and desire they are looking for but don’t have a plan for them to be able to mature and grow.

That can be a big problem, particularly if the individual is in a hurry to make a success of things. The best advice is to make sure you know your new employee well (or an existing one if you have them) and understand where they want to be and how this fits in with your own business plan. In other words, you need to decide if you have to change to accommodate your talented employees.

Don’t Forget to Reward

Rewards are important and we don’t mean a pat on the back now and again. That’s not just the salary you pay but the bonuses and perks a top employee gets for making a difference to your company. There are plenty of value added extras you can put into the mix as well, such as health insurance, gym memberships and the like.

Creating a great work environment and demonstrating that you value your staff, whatever their level, is important for any business.Word gets around fast and can help create the right atmosphere that can, in turn, attract the kind of employees you’re looking for.Particularly when recruiting leaders to your organisation,you need to put in the steps and processes that ensure you not only get the right person but create the environment that keeps them around for a long time to come.

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