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Bluegfx Acquired by NTI Group: A Strategic Move in Media Production


Bluegfx is comprised of Blue Graphics Ltd and Blue Graphics (Europe) Ltd. Over more than two decades, the group has been at the centre of the fastest developing sectors in the globally important media and entertainment industry; post-production, animation, visual effects and gaming.

The group has become one of Europe’s leading providers of technology solutions, including software, hardware and services. Bluegfx is more than just a supplier to its clients, offering trusted and bespoke advice to ensure they get the right tools and futureproof technology for the projects they are working on.

Bluegfx has demonstrated strong and consistent revenue growth with very high levels of subscription income and exceptional renewal rates. This allowed Entrepreneurs Hub to work with Bluegfx to build a compelling growth forecast against the backdrop of an exponentially growing market.


Matthew Allen, CEO of Bluegfx says…

“By far the most important decision as a business owner when choosing to sell your business, is who to partner with. Who will genuinely add value to the process and get the most for you throughout the entire journey?

Entrepreneurs Hub stood out, they had a pedigree that we felt was unmatched by their competitors. They have been there with us every step of the way. Having industry experts to help you along the bumps and turns that naturally occur during the process is a must have.

We did not find any other company that provides an industry-experienced Finance Director as part of the process, this is unique and invaluable.”


The company is a Gold Partner for Autodesk software in the UK and has a strong market share, being the largest supplier in the region. This made it a compelling acquisition for NTI Group, itself an Autodesk Platinum Partner and one of the largest suppliers across Europe. NTI’s growth strategy is backed by their financial partner Axcel Management A/S. The acquisition also provides NTI with an opportunity to strengthen its offering in the game development, film and television industries which account for 75% of Bluegfx revenue.


“As with any transaction in this industry, the context is always exciting, blending the creative skills and remarkable technologies into compelling output.” Says Andrew Shepperd, Deal Lead and Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs Hub. “Matt and his team at Bluegfx not only serve a fascinating customer set but have also carved out a unique relationship with some globally important technology vendors, adding further value to a trusted technology stack to allow users to gain more value from their investments.

“In addition, the culture of the business is warm and approachable and that is a separate attraction for partners, customers and investors alike. Perhaps critically underpinning all of this is an exceptional level of organisation and governance that will see them quickly leverage the added strength that being part of the international family of NTI provides. It has been an absolute pleasure for us to work with Matt and his team. We wish both Matt and Lucy the best for the next steps in an exciting future.”


To read more on the acquisition: Please see here


NTI Group:

The NTI Group is an Autodesk Platinum Partner and amongst the largest Autodesk partners in Europe with a revenue run rate of more than EUR 250 million and more than 650 employees in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and The Republic of Ireland. NTI Group is a leading full-service supplier of digital solutions for the construction, design, and manufacturing industries across Europe.




Deal construction and finance: Entrepreneurs Hub

Legal: Matthew Searle, Gunner Cooke

Tax Advisors: Shaw Gibbs


Deal build and funding: Axcel Management A/S

Legal: Bird & Bird, UK & Denmark

Financial: Grant Thornton, Denmark

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You build your business with a winning team, so my personal recommendation is to maintain that eminence by adding Entrepreneurs Hub, they act as an extension of your business and deliver the results you need. It’s likely you will only sell your business once, so choose wisely; I whole-heartedly advocate EH as the professional partner of choice for any business looking for an exit strategy.
Matthew Allen
CEO – Bluegfx


“For us it came down to trust. It took 25 years to build a very successful business in our sector, but the biggest decision we ever made was the appointment of Entrepreneurs Hub. If we were to do it all again, it would be with Entrepreneurs Hub.”
Gary Rowe
Managing Director
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Many thanks to the team at Entrepreneurs Hub for their support throughout the sale process; something we couldn’t have managed without their help. With no previous experience, the journey was much more comprehensive than envisaged and their support was invaluable.
Derek Jones
Managing Director, Bulb Interiors
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