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Entrepreneurs Hub advises on the partnership sale of Rapport TeleBusiness LLP to Sabio

Type of business: Specialist call centre and customer experience analytics consultancy Location: South London, UK Sale Value: Undisclosed  Situation Founded in 1996, Rapport TeleBusiness Consulting LLP is a specialist UK provider of SaaS customer experience analysis solutions for contact centres. Their clients include organisations and advertisers from financial [...]

Entrepreneurs Hub helps the owners of Distec Ltd sell their business to Kamic Group AB and retire successfully

Type of business: Technology Solutions Provider Location: Manchester, UK Sale Value: Undisclosed  Situation Distec Ltd, founded in 1992, has built a strong reputation in the technology sector with extensive expertise in touch screen monitors, industrial PCs and HMI - the human-machine interface. It offers total solutions, including support, [...]

Another success story for Entrepreneurs Hub

Rapport TeleBusiness Consulting LLP, a specialist UK provider of SaaS customer experience analysis solutions for contact centres, recently engaged Entrepreneurs Hub to successfully sell their business to Sabio. Rapport’s requirements Owners Graham MacIntyre and Nick Velissarides recognised there would be significant opportunities for development if Rapport was acquired by a larger organisation with the resources [...]

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How well can your business demonstrate key growth indicators to prospective buyers?

When you’re getting ready to sell a business, you’re probably reflecting on all that you’ve achieved since those early days as a fledgling start-up. Naturally, most business owners tend to showcase these hard-won past achievements as if they were USPs. But whilst they are a cause for celebration and pride – they aren’t necessarily the [...]

Do standard valuation tools work?

When you’ve decided to sell a business, one of the first questions you’ll have is “How much is my business worth?” Retirement, a new business venture, a change in lifestyle or priorities - whatever the reason for selling your company -– you’re probably eager to get the sale completed ASAP in order to move onto [...]

Why the world still wants to buy British businesses despite Brexit uncertainty

If you’ve been thinking about selling a business with international potential but the Brexit chaos has caused you to consider pressing pause on those plans, you’ll be interested to hear about the results of a recent survey by multinational professional services firm EY (Ernst & Young). Britain is the world’s hottest investment destination To identify the [...]

Playing the long game: growing a business to sell a business

What makes a successful entrepreneur? It’s quite literally the million-dollar question in the world of buying, growing and selling businesses… Forbes describes the entrepreneurial spirit as “a mindset. It’s an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It’s a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, [...]

Know when you’ve won (and it’s time to sell a business)

Professional success can be addictive. While that ‘addiction’ has probably been a pivotal factor in you becoming the accomplished entrepreneur you are today – with the prosperous company to prove it – it can mean you become blinkered to the bigger picture and you might miss the signs that it’s time to sell a business. [...]

Top 5 pitfalls to avoid when selling a business

How does the thought of selling your business make you feel? Excited to hand over the result of years of hard work to your lucky successor? Terrified that you won’t find a buyer because your business has seen better days? Sad that it’s time to leave your team and your professional passions behind? Wistful about what might have [...]

What to do when someone asks to buy a business you own

When you’ve spent years of hard graft building a prosperous company with a strong brand, there’s perhaps no greater accolade than an approach from a fellow entrepreneur keen to buy a business you own. In our work as corporate finance experts, we meet many business owners who have been approached by someone who wants to [...]