What is an indicator that it is the best time to sell my business?

One of the most common questions I am asked as a corporate finance advisor is, “What is an indicator that it is the best time to sell my business?”.  In business, as in comedy… timing is everything. Many a good story features the phrase, “in the right place, at the right time,” somewhere in the [...]

Want to know how to sell a business? It’s a numbers game…

Many things in life seem to boil down to being a numbers game - including how to sell a business.  Numbers are everywhere… Turnover, EBITDA, valuation range, offers, approaches, prospects and so on. Wealth Managers are understandably a go-to advisor for many considering the numbers in their life. At Entrepreneurs Hub we thrive on cultivating [...]

Don’t underestimate the value of giving back – how CSR creates synergy with acquirers

There are many reasons why business owners engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, and absolutely none of them involve increasing the value of your business to an acquirer. But, your CSR track record may be more than something for you to be justifiably proud of - don’t underestimate the value of giving back!  As [...]

Deal-making bouncing back in 2021

The recent announcement that the economy is expected to bounce back this year to its pre-Covid level is good news. It will naturally lead many to wonder if they can re-visit their plans to sell their business and move into the next phase of their life – whatever that might be. However, at Entrepreneurs Hub, [...]

5 strategic reasons your business is worth more in someone else’s hands

It can be a bitter pill to swallow for an entrepreneur who has worked hard to build a business they are rightly very proud of, but let’s be honest – if your business isn’t worth more in the hands of a new owner, why sell it? You will only achieve a premium price for your [...]

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The importance of recruiting skills for growth

Let me ask you an honest question. Do you have the skills and talent within your business to take it forward in strength? We often talk about a company’s ability to grow in terms of capacity – do they have enough staff in key roles, do they need to grow their team? But what sometimes [...]

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How do you select the right adviser? Three key questions to ask…

You have decided to sell your business, but how do you select the right adviser to help you prepare and sell? There is usually no shortage of options – from your friends and family, to accountants and lawyers, to the specialist advisers (like us). All of them will claim to know how to find you [...]

Whose sale is it anyway? What is the role of an M&A adviser?

For many business owners, the role of an M&A adviser is seen in very similar terms to an estate agent. After all, both are selling large assets on your behalf. This is a fair comparison for the way that some M&A advisers operate – although, we would argue, none of the good ones. It may [...]

2021 Roadmap – 4 growth strategies you need to consider

If 2020 was a journey, it was a frustrating one for many businesses! The stop/start nature of successive lockdowns made planning for future growth very tricky. Into 2021 and the wider narrative has been dominated by talk of a roadmap, a more positive journey out of lockdown and back to growth and recovery. So as [...]

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You can’t please all the people, all the time

There is much to be said, and that has been said about the budget announcement this past week. We would be delighted to talk you through your options and its implications for selling your business. But rather than add to the reems of opinion in this blog, I wanted to take a different tack and [...]

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